"It hits you like a kick to the solar plexus, or a pistol shot hours into your worst hangover."

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Take a midnight stroll down the rain-slick streets of Port Nocturne, where the acrid scent of gunpowder hangs in the air like cheap perfume, where every dark alley comes to a dead end, and justice is......blonde.
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I'm your host, Christopher Mills, alias The Crimeboss. The characters and stories on this site most of them, anyway originated somewhere deep in my fevered imagination, the bastard offspring of a long, illicit love affair with four-color comic books, black and white B-Movies, cliffhanger serials, newspaper adventure strips, pulp fiction and old-time radio.

With the capable assistance of my cadre of talented collaborators (or accomplices, if you prefer) Joe Staton, Ron Fortier, Delfin Barral and others I've attempted to carve out a shadowy corner of cyberspace that echoes the popular entertainment of a simpler time: where pistol-packing lady detectives and skull-visaged vigilantes not to mention private eyes, gentleman rogues, mad scientists, foreign spies, hardboiled reporters, trenchcoated cops, walking corpses and maybe a talking gorilla or two can prowl the moonlit streets of a dark city known as Port Nocturne and play their deadly games of good and evil... just for fun.

LATEST NEWS: 08/13/04

The latest chapter of FEMME NOIR, Chambers of Horror, by yours truly and Joe Staton (with colors by Brandon Carr) is now posted. Two weeks in a row! Told you we were back!

If you're new to SUPERNATURAL CRIME and my work, you might want to visit my ATOMIC PULP homepage. It's where you'll find just about everything you could possibly want to know about my work in comics, off-line and on. The site includes biographical info, some of my short fiction, and tons of other stuff. It's also where you'll find my Journal.

I'm very proud of the site. Please check it out.


Christopher Mills
Alias The Crimeboss


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